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I carry a wide variety of different gems and stones.  I try to offer "CHOOSE YOUR BEAD" when available. This allows my customers to pick their favorite stone from the many I have available.  It's the closest thing to being able to pick your bead in person I could find.  If you would like to pick out your bead before purchasing, send me an email.  I will in turn send you pictures of the beads I have in stock for you to choose.  Or, you can simply email me at and tell me your specifics. 
And as always, should you find that you are not happy with your BeadBuddies Bead when you recieve it, I offer no questions asked return or replacement within 10 days of receipt of your bead. 
If there is something in particular you would like that you don't see, drop me a line.  I may have it or I may be able to get it for you. 
Questions and suggestions are always welcome! 
Currently I have almost 100 different types of gemstones and stones in stock.  Each bead is unique and different.  If you see one you like, email me and I will provide you with a picture of the beads I currently have as my stock changes constantly!
Beads are priced according to several hard it is to drill, availability of the stone, etc.
Hover over the bead picture for the type of stone and price.  Click to enlarge the photo.
AmazoniteApple Green ChalcedonyAqua QuartzAqua Terra Jasper (light)Aqua Terra Jasper (dark)
AquamarineBaby Blue JadeBlue CoralBlue QuartzBrown Turquoise
Buddha (carved bone)CalciteCarnelianChrysocolla PendantCitrine
Dalmation JasperChrysocolla (dark)Green Jade (dark)Green Turquoise PendantPurple Jade (dark)
Dragons Vein AgateDzi (front) stone type unknownDzi (side) stone type unknownEmperor StoneBlue Goldstone Faceted
FluoriteFluoriteFossil JasperFuschiteGold Agate
GoldstoneGreen Lace StoneGreen TurquoiseKambaba JasperLapis Lazuli (2 sizes)
LavaChrysocolla (light)Green Jade (light)Purple Jade (light)Mosaic Turquoise Pendant
Larvikite - Norwegian Black MoonstoneOpaliteOrange TurquoisePeach JadePhantom Quartz
Pink AgatePink TurquoisePurple AgatePurple JasperRed Jade
Red River JasperRed Sea CoralRhodochrositeRhodoniteRhodonite
Rhyolite - Rain Forrest JasperRobin's Egg TurquoiseRuby Red JadeRutilated QuartzSmooth Blue Goldstone
SodaliteSpring Green JadeTurquoiseTurquoise Hexagon PendantTurquoise Jade (light)
Volcano QuartzCalciteYellow TurquoiseYellow TurquoiseZebra Jasper